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Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 Online Free

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 Hanna and Caleb kiss - The Kahn GameThe Girlfriend Abductor:  You’d think Hanna has enough to worry about now that a judge has issued Rosewood’s police department permission to obtain a blood sample from her. Nope! While Mama Marin deals with this court order and reaches out to Veronika Hastings for help, Hanna’s focused on her heart-piercing Caleb probs. Although they’re broken up (tear), Hanna continues to harbor feelings for Caleb Rivers and it becomes quite evident that she’s a smitten kitten when he drops by her locker and she stares longingly at him. (Either that, or she’s wondering why they have the same hairstyle.) Caleb’s eyes are filled with heat and passion as he looks upon his sweet Hanna’s face but he keeps his cool, exchanges a few awkward formalities, and then asks her if she’s seen Spencer.

Apparently, he has new login info for (Maya’s website). As he hands Hanna the deets, their fingers barely brush but you can cut their sexual tension with a knife! (Long sigh.) However, their interaction is far from over. Right after Caleb heads off to class, Hanna receives a text (of the not-so-good variety): ”The Apple Rose Grille Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 at closing time. Go alone or Caleb pays -A.” and While Hanna’s pacing outside the Grille, Caleb rolls up and Hanna tells him he has to leave. But then, Caleb tells her, “I sent the text. I’m A.” Hanna immediately consults with Spencer who tells her to ignore the threat and not cave in to A’s demands. Unfortunately, Hanna does not heed her friend’s advice and shows up (looking super fierce may we add) to the Grille. All of a sudden, Caleb pulls up in his hot ride, rolls down his window, and pretty much hollers, ‘Hey girl, I’m A! Let’s go for a ride!” Looking taken aback, Hanna gasps in utter shocker…but climbs in any way.

Caleb zooms off into the sunset and by sunset we mean a creepy dark alley. And after exclaiming, “You’re talking to the guy who just kidnapped his girlfriend!” he informs her that he knows about the new A, is willing to find out who it is by scrounging through Maya’s secret website for clues, and Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 that they can be lovers together forever. (Apparently Caleb forgot that A tried to run his mom off the road…oops!) Hanna appears worried about rekindling their relationship because she has felt the fires of A’s wrath and boy do they burn — but tomorrow’s another day and Caleb is looking mighty fine so, naturally, they scooch out of the vehicle and get sexy against a dirty building. Get it, Haleb!

Aria and Wesley - The Kahn GameThe Brother Blues: We not only meet Noel Kahn’s brother (and douchebag captain of the world) Eric, but we also meet Ezra Fitz’s bro (and Most Flirtatious Trust Fund Dude) Wesley. Both are super cute…and super rude. Eric gets the creepy factor ball rolling when he refers to Aria and Spencer as “virgin sacrifices” at the party, gives him his stamp of approval with a lascivious glance, and offers them some “beverages.” (Eek! Spencer and Aria politely decline his offer.) Whereas Eric appears to be a drunken fool Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11  who blurts out all of Noel’s secrets at parties, Wesley appears utterly calculating and conniving. He not only tries to woo Aria upon meeting her at Ezra’s apartment but also later picks her up from the Kahn lake when she sends Ezra an SOS text.

(Turns out he took his older brother’s car — which belongs to him seeing that the Fitzgerald clan has disowned poor Ezra — AND phone.) Luckily, Aria is no Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries – she’s a one brother loving kind of girl and basically calls out Wesley for being a big-faced jerk. Wes takes that to heart and reveals that he comes from a very “dysfunctional” family and that even sweet Ezra is hiding a secret bundle of his very own. Noel and Jenna - The Kahn GameTruth Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 or Dare: We don’t know about you but whenever we played ‘Truth or Dare’ with our friends it always involved naming a crush, calling a crush, or drinking whatever disgusting beverage concoction the person issuing the dare decided to whip up. Well, it appears they play the game a little differently in Rosewood — or at least Noel, Jenna, Eric, CeCe, and the rest of the party attendants at the Kahn party cabin do when they amp it up with inquiries about arrests, sex tapes, and hookups.

Noel gets the ball reeeeaaally rolling when he asks Aria about sleeping with Ezra and whether or not she reported him to school officials for trying to blackmail a teacher. Aria appears super disgruntled about all his pestering questions but she holds her own and asks him about his whereabouts the night Alison’s body was dug up (according to Eric, he and Jenna were at a party together but left early…) and about his relationship with Maya (now knowing that she attended one of the Kahns’ previous shindigs). However, after getting bludgeoned with more Qs about Mr. Fitz, Aria storms out and Spencer picks up where she left off. Unfortunately for Spencer, Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11  she faces off with Jenna who immediately asks her why her mom is defending Garrett, an alleged murderer. (We scream at the screen, ‘Um, the same murderer you got sexy with, chick?) But leave it to clever Spencer to bring her A-game! She immediately calls Jenna out not for being a bitch who can see, but for lying about where she was the night Alison’s body went missing (since everyone knows that she picked up drunk Emily at some point that night).

Also, Jenna gets caught in a red-hot lie because she claims to have found Em in the middle of the road but Noel confirms that it was “some diner.” Nevertheless, before Spencer can do a happy dance of victory and sing out “Liar Liar pants on fire!” a clearly rattled Jenna responds that she’s currently protecting a loved one, and then pelts her with a question about the sketchy NAT team video recorded the night Alison was killed. Needless to say, Spencer doesn’t cave in to Jenna’s mean girl demands and then tells her the video’s all hers if she reveals where Alison’s body is. (Basically, it was less  Truth and Dare at the end and more about blatant accusations — which we Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 L-O-V-E-D! These girls are so sassy!)

Emily and Paige - The Kahn GameSharing Stories:  While the rest of Liars are bemoaning their late college applications, hitting up lakehouse parties, and meeting weird family members, Emily is reconnecting with her on-again, off-again boo Paige McCullers. At the beginning of the episode they are actually spotted giggling and looking like they are in heaven in each other’s presence. (We’re glad to see Emily looking so ebullient considering what a hellride crazy A has put her through these past few seasons.) Unfortunately, every quaint Rosewood moment has its thorn and Em’s happy bubble receives a a startling reality check. In attempt to be honest with her friend, Hanna reveals that Caleb was able to hack into Maya’s website and then hands her all the login info. “Come on, Em –at least one of us deserves to be happy,” she kindly says but Em looks crushed and very spooked. Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 (Dear Hanna, Please start listening to Spencer’s advice from now on.

So what does Emily do with this new-found information about her murdered girlfriend? She holes up in her room alone to and watches videos of Maya professing her love via poems and inspirational quotes. And while incessant tears of pain drip down her face, Emily receives a surprise visit for Paige, who catches her in the act of mourning. (Aww!) However, Paige shocks us when she doesn’t awkwardly slip out but rather plops down next to Em and consoles her. (Definitely not the same girl who tried to drown Em two seasons ago!) And in expressing her grief about her late grandfather, Paige shares a hilarious story about him: “We’re talking 70-year-old Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 man-butt, full-frame and there was a tattoo … it was a tulip. The endearing anecdote gets Emily laughing and the two end the night with a moving cuddle session.

Ezra Fitz - The Kahn GameThe Big Ta-Da: You know how in our last episode recap we jokingly nicknamed Ezra Fitz “Daddy Warbucks”? Clearly, we were referring to his enormous piles of cash money. Well, as we discovered in “The Kahn Game,” the Daddy part is valid too…as in Baby Daddy. As in “Papa Mama, Don’t Preach I’m in Trouble” anthem. As in Mister Sweater Vests is the Noah Puckerman of PLL. Ezra apparently knocked up his high school girlfriend Maggie right after graduation, and his nosy mom Dianne zoomed right in and “fixed” the problem (just like she tries to do by offering Aria riches to end things with her boo). Does that mean that Maggie got rid of the baby or that she was forbidden from contacting Ezra ever again? Either way,  Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 11 there’s truly nothing money can’t buy in the Fitzgerald household — except for Aria who snubs Dianne’s attempt to pay her in exchange for breaking up with her son. Ezria FTW! Oh, and lest we forget, A makes an appearance at the very end. This time, Rosewood’s baddest bitch is spotted renting a room (Unit A) from an organized, cat-loving lady named Mrs. Pillsbury. Juicy, juicy!

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